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"Salt horse" Pickled beef
"Sand happers" Term for South Carolina soldiers
"Sardine box" Cap box
"Sawbones" Surgeon
"Scarse as henís teeth" Something rare or scarce
"Secesh" A Southern sympathizer or also the Northern term for seceders
"Shakes" Malaria
"Sham fight" Mock battle
"Shebang" A shelter tent or a pup tent
"Sheet iron cracker" Term for hard tack
"Shin plasters" Term for paper money
"Skedaddle" To run away or leave in a hurry
"Skunk" Officer
"Sleep tight" Term comes from the early rope beds during the Civil War that needed to be tightened with a key to keep tight
"Smoked Yanks" Union soldiers cooking over a fire
"Snug as a bug" Very comfortable
"Soldierís disease" Opium addiction or withdrawl symptoms of an opium addict because opium was used in hospitals to relieve the pain
"Somebodyís darling" Said of a dead body
"Sound on the goose" A wealthy or well-off Southerner
"Sow belly" Bacon
"Sparking" Kissing
"Spondulix" Money
"Sunday soldiers" Insult for soldiers of little merit
"Sutler" Businessmen appointed to be camp vendors, who charged inflated prices on goods