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"Hard case" Tough guy; someone who is rough and tough
"Hard knocks" A tough break
"Hayfoot, strawfoot" Command used to teach recruits difference between left and right
"Here's your mule" Term infantry used to insult the cavalry because they didn't use their feet for their own transportation
"Hoof it" To march
"Hop, step, jump" Early 2-wheeled ambulance
"Horizontal refreshments" Term meaning to have sexual relations with a prostitute
"Hornets" Term for bullets as they whizzed past a person's head
"Horse collar" Term for a soldier's blanket roll
"Horse sense" Smart or on the ball
"Hospital rats" Person who fakes an illness
"Housewife" Sewing kit
"How come you so" Home-brewed or camp-brewed beer or other alcoholic beverages
Hunkey dorey" Everything is great or terrific