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"Cabbaging" Term for stealing
"Camp canard" False report believed by many in camp
"Carte de Visite" Photograph on a small card
"Cashier" Usually dishonorable dismissal from army
"Chicken guts" Officer's gold braiding on his cuff
"Chief cook and bottle washer" Person capable of doing many things
"Chin Music" Term for conversation
"Clink" Jail or prison; originates from a prison in London on Clink Street
"Company Q" Term for the sick list
"Conscription" To be drafted, not volunteered
"Contrabands" Fugitive slaves who sought protection behind Northern lines
"Coosh" Term for hard tack to describe when it was soaked in water and fried in bacon grease to make it edible
"Copperhead" Northerner with Southern sympathies
"Cracker line" Line of transportation of food supplies
"Creeper" Soldier's frying pan used early in the war