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"Bark Juice" Liquor or strong adult beverage
"Barrel Shirt" Barrel worn by thieves for punishment
"Beehive" Knapsack
"Been through the mill" Bad day
"Blowhard" A big shot or braggart
"Blue Jacket" Union sailor
"Blue Mass" Refers to men on sick call; named after blue pill
"Bluff" Cheater
"Bombproofs" A shelter from artillery attacks
"Bounty" Monetary sum of money for enlistment in the Army
"Bragg's Body Guard" Body lice
"Bread bag" Haversack
"Bread basket" Stomach
"Brevet" Awarded higher rank due to meritous service in combat
"Bugger" Officer
"Bull Pit" Under-arrest confinement area
"Bully" Yeah or Hurrah!
"Bumblebee" Sound of flying miniballs
"Bummer" A loafer or forager
"Bummer's Cap" Regulation fatigue or forage cap
"Bust Head" Home-brewed or camp-brewed beer
"Buttermilk Cavalry" Term infantry had for cavalry
"Butternuts" Yellowish-brown dyed uniforms made of copperas and walnut hulls, when grey coloring was in short stock